I’ve always told myself I should make more of an effort with travelling down to London for a night out having shamelessly only been twice. Seems like there’s an abundant amount of nights booking great DJs of all different genres at the moment and I just need to get my lazy ass down there. Even with all the rumours of clubs and nights closing down, London seems to be always on top of things. However clubs and nights would be nothing without those pesky disc jockeys so I present you today another dj thats sure to be making big sounds in 2010. Hailing from Essex, Thatboykana already holds numerous residencies at some of the best nights in London including the Kool Kids Klub and has played at several festivals across the UK and Europe such as Snow Bombing and Underage Festival. Having played alongside the likes of Fake Blood, Brodinski, Jackbeats and D.I.M, Thatboy Kana is definitely no pushover when it comes to dominating a crowd with his boundless energy, mixing between a huge array of genres such as electro, baltimore and funk. Thatboykana’s track Put Your Feet back recently got picked up by a label so we’ve had to take the link to the 320 down. If you still want to hear it then check out his soundcloud or myspace. If you didn’t get the track while it was up then I guess thats just your own fault.  One things for sure though; big things in store for our London based friend. ♦

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One Response to IN THE ZONE

  1. J-KeY says:

    nice deep kick, crispy percussions and a dutty synth combo… BOOOMS BOOMS BOOMS xD

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