If you have a penchant for heavy rave music, Aerotronic has to be the thing for you. These young upstarts are probably one of Belgium’s best kept secrets when it comes down to it. I first came across these boys when they had their first release on Monkey see Monkey do and was instantly a fan. Their effort out on Mähtrasher is an absolute gem featuring some absolutely huge remixes from the likes of VNNR, Hostage, Toxic Avenger, Waxdolls, Sawgood & DJ Antention and Ed Orable Remix. My favourite of the bunch has to be the Hostage remix which takes all the elements i loved from the original mix and ties em together with some goddamn funky snares and pitching dutch style synths. The original mix should not be overlooked by any means, it is a really distorted 4×4 rave affair that has alot of attitude and grit and will no doubt go down well on any dance-floor! Show some support for the highly talented guys by buying their EP here.

Direct link: Aerotronic – Sex and Cigarettes (Original Mix) (320kbps)

Direct link: Aerotronic – Sex and Cigarettes (Hostage Remix) (320kbps)

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